What could be dreamier than getting married at one of the country’s amazing mountain peak, surrounded by all of nature’s glory? While standard locations (such as venues, tropical beaches, castles and go on) are beautiful at any time of year, mountain wedding photoshoot have a cozy feel that’s particularly appropriate during the colder-weather months, but also in summer the feel is amazing. They also make a unique alternative to the standard beach destination wedding.

According to Pinterest’s recent trend report, mountainsides are the hottest place to elope. Those breathtaking locations are perfect for any ceremony, big or small. Whether you’re thinking of walking out to a mountainside cliff with your partner, a photographer and officiant or you have a 100-person guest list, there are mountainside locations all across Italian Alps and Dolomites that can accommodate any party size—and deliver amazing panoramic views.

In this case, we shoot the bride and groom up to the mountain early in the morning, when the light is best for photography. We arrived there by helicopter, and we have to walk a little to get to the mountaintop.

We loved
with a love that
was more than love.

Edgar Alan Poe

Wedding photographer: Marco Crea – Ostinelli Studio

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