Summer 2020 updates about COVID-19 pandemic in Italy and Lake Como.

From a few weeks ago, the wedding season has restarted in Italy and in Lumbardy, thanks to the seasonal opening of the most important hotels on the Lake Como.
In Italy, weddings can be celebrated again, with some limitations about “social distances” and usage of protective masks (DPI): but these are common rules in many other countries too.
There no more clinic risk, no more “red zones” to avoid, most airlines announced the reopen of the routes with the most important Italian cities.

Italy is ready to be the stage of our fairytale wedding days again: don’t be afraid to restart your plans about your marriage.

Dear Brides, dear grooms: COVID-19 is a great bet for everyone, all over the world. This coronavirus “asks” to change the rules of our humanity, of our to be human beings.

We are sincerely close to the couples who are planning to get married this year and choose Cristiano Ostinelli Wedding Photography Studio as “official” photographer: and we will do everything possible to help you.

The point of the situation regarding COVID-19 and Lake Como is quite clear: it is true that Lombardy is the most contaminated region in Italy with about 50% of the deaths that occurred on Italian soil (and about 10% of the deaths in all around the world), but cities bordering Lake Como do not seem particularly affected by this COVID-19 pandemic.

But Italy and Lake Como are ready to restart again: we never stop, because it is written in our DNA. In fact, the Italian government has planned the strategy for restarting production processes after the lockdown: the tourism (and incoming) industry is one of the very first to restart given the imminent summer season and the importance of this sector in the national economy.
And when Italy restarts again after this COVID-19 pandemic, it does it in an ever better way than before. In fact, Italy teaches to the world about how fight Corona-virus, and its strategy was copied by the most important countries in the world.

We are already thinking about the future in our wedding photography studio and we are rescheduling all our weddings, distributing them between the end of 2020 and 2021, periods in which activities related to the wedding industry will return to full speed.

Don’t worry if you have already booked your wedding photo shoot with Cristiano Ostinelli’s studio and you need to move the wedding date because of COVID-19: any balances already paid and every estimates already agreed will be considered valid for new at your scheduling.
We just advise you to contact us in advance to be able to agree on the new details of your wedding photo shoot: the planning for the next months after COVID-19 will be quite dense and we want to be able to satisfy all requests.