Top Wedding Destinations Photoshoots

Cristiano Ostinelli is considered one of the best wedding photography expert in the world: he won Wedding Photographer of the Year award in UK and US, both in 2013 and 2014. Ostinelli Studio highly skilled wedding photographers provide shooting services all around the world, in every top wedding destinations: among our best works we can list wedding and prewedding photography services in Europe (Paris, Greece, Santorini), South East Asia (shoots in Cambodia at amazing Angkor Wat temples), Middle East (wedding photos shoot among Dubai dunes) and United States ( like in Boca Grande Florida or California desert). Here you can take a look at the best examples of our skills and expertise in shooting wedding services all over the world, you name the location we arrange and shoot it!

hochzeit fotograf wien

wedding in Vienna at St. Stephen's Cathedral

pre wedding in paris

Pre wedding in Paris Santorini and Venice

wedding at casa lola ibiza

Wedding at Casa Lola Ibiza

lake como wedding

Lake Como best wedding photographers

ostinelli cristiano

Best international wedding photographer, Panorama Magazine

wedding photographer vienna

Wedding in Vienna Ostinelli studio photo

wedding photographer of the year 2014 wps uk

cristiano ostinelli wedding photographer of the year 2014 WPS

wedding photo in santorini

A perfect wedding in Santorini Greece

asian wedding photographers

pre wedding in cambodia

wedding photographer hong kong

A Wedding in Hong Kong 香港婚禮

mariage en tunisie mariage en tunisie , wedding in tunisia , cristiano ostinelli photographer

wedding in tunisia cristiano ostinelli photographer

wedding in Austria, Salzburg, leopoldskron palace, photo by cristiano ostinelli and marco crea

wedding in Salzburg Leopoldskron palace