Sony 135 1.8 G MASTER

ef 1.5 135 gm
Published: 23 February 2019
Sony 135 1.8 G MASTER

Cristiano Ostinelli, Sony ambassador first test FE 135 1.8 G Master Lens.

The new lens was presented today to the press in Scotland - UK, with the presence of the ambassador Cristiano Ostinelli.

Let's see together in details...

"Stunning resolution: a new optical design that adheres to demanding G master standards places XA (extreme aspherical) and Super ED (extra-low dispersion) glass elements in the front group to effectively suppress all common telephoto lens aberrations, achieving extraordinary corner-to-corner resolution in an F1.8 telephoto prime lens.

Breathtaking G Master bokeh: the extremely high surface precision of XA elements, careful control of spherical aberration at both the design and the manufacturing stages, and an 11-blade circular aperture all come together to produce spectacularly smooth, elegant G Master bokeh that maximizes the creative potential of the narrow depth of field available with this 135mm F1.8 lens.

Top-class AF performance: Sony's innovative XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors play an important role, making it possible to maintain focus on moving portrait subjects, performers on stage, or similarly dynamic subjects with impressive speed, precision, and reliability, while also providing quiet, low-vibration AF control.

Durable and lightweight: the lens barrel chassis is constructed of a durable, lightweight magnesium alloy. The hardness of the alloy helps to maintain optimum optical precision and reliability, while it's lightness contributes to reduced overall weight."

Delivery April 2019, price 2.000,00 Euro.