wedding in Florida Boca Grande USA

wedding in florida
Published: 27 October 2015
wedding in Florida Boca Grande USA

take a look at this extraordinary , amazing wedding photos in Florida, Boca Grande, photo by Cristiano Ostinelli and Fabio Casuccio

location Florida usa Boca Grande

photo Cristiano Ostinelli , Fabio Casuccio-----------------

"I am one of the aunts to the bride in the Boca Grande wedding. One of my son-in-laws is a wedding photographer, so I have seen photographs of many, many weddings over the years. I watched sometimes as you and your crew were working at this wedding and reception. It was almost like watching a dance. You were always moving, looking for the best shots but were never in the way, instead you all became part of the wedding and celebration. The results of all of your hard work it fabulous, stupendous. " Natalie