wedding in Moskow Ostinelli Studio

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Published: 30 October 2013
wedding in Moskow Ostinelli Studio

Hi, Marco!

We have just recieved the box with the photos.
We can say only one thing - AMAZING!!!!!!!!

You pictured the celebration in such an unusual manner. Nobody here can do this.
Many of our friends were telling us that we are crazy to invite a photographer from a foreign country.
Everybody proposed their "good" photographers. But we were deffinete and 100% sure that nobody can do it better than you.

Our friends who saw the photos say that it doesn't look like Russia. We say it's was just pictured by the other eye!
Thank you very much, Marco! You became the part of our celebration. We are so lucky that you was with us.


We would deffinetely want to meet you next time we come to Italy!

Thank you, thank you very much!!!!

Forever yours Artem and Helen.