wedding in Venice in carnival time

wedding in the Venice carnival
Published: 13 February 2013
wedding in Venice in carnival time

An amazing wedding in Venice during the carnival, photographed by Cristiano Ostinelli and Marco Crea , Ostinelli studio, wedding photographers, venice, venezia, crea ostinelli wedding and photojuornalist photographers

First, I would like to thank you for a great day that we spent all together in Venice. It was a great adventure! On Monday I didn’t even believe that you will came. When you wrote that you have to drive more than 300km (there was a snow storm)I was just waiting for a message canceling our meeting. Then you wrote than you will try to do that… you are crazy

I'm glad that you didn’t give it up and I could see how you work together. We are very moved by the wedding pictures. Many people is, as you can see on facebook. We look forward to see more!

I hope we will stay in touch. I'll follow your blog, yours trips around the world and wedding pictures.

All the best! :**

For us it is very important to give life to a dream, your dream, this is not only a profession but a passion, photography,What do you want to be a snow storm compared to a dream
thanks to you all, Cristiano and Marco