Wedding Video Gallery

Ostinelli Studio provides wedding videography services, relying on some of the best professional wedding videographers currently on the market.
Our team of skilled videographers will ensure you the best results, having worked together for years on all kind of wedding services and experiences and knowing each other’s pace and skills.
Our videography team is equipped with the most advanced and constantly updated video and photo equipment, to suit all your needs on your wedding day.
They will be able to capture all those moments that last a second during the ceremony, with great attention for every little detail, while maintaining low profile and never disturbing wedding photographers, bride and groom or the guests.
Our offer includes a detailed color post-production and the use of cinema-level techniques film industry, which will ensure the result will be a real movie of your wedding.


Como lake wedding video

Wedding video on Garda lake

Wedding video on Como lake

Wedding video in Capri island

Lake Como wedding video

Wedding video on lake Como

Wedding video in Manhattan New York

Wedding video in Tunisia and Sidi Bou Said

Tunisian wedding video in Tunisia

Wedding video in Florence Tuscany

Wedding video at Vincigliata castle in Tuscany